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Public Works

Infrastructural development is one of the major challenges faced by our developing nation. Working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works, a renowned subcontractor for international companies …


In partnership with the Ministry of Public Contracts, local councils, international organizations, and local NGOs, we have realized several building structures ranging from schools, markets, hospitals, offices …

Electrical Works

We are amongst Cameroon’s leading companies in the sector of electrification. In partnership with ENEO Cameroon and the Ministry Of Water Resources and Energy, we have successfully brought happiness to …

Water Works

Understanding the importance of water in our lives, we have accomplished a great number of projects aimed to provide local communities with portable water in partnership with Camwater, WHO, Local …


Being a subcontractor of Cameroon’s leading telecommunication company (CAMTEL), we gain experience in the domain of displacement and installation of telecom networks, construction of communication…

Hiring Equipment and Supply of Materials

Being one of Cameroon’s strongholds in the construction sector, we possess a wide range of construction equipment and aggregates to meet the needs of other construction…

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Trustworthy, honest and integrity are a few words which come to mind when thinking about us.  There a core value and a way of life. We do our jobs not because we are payed to but rather because we love to.

We have our very own quality assurance checklist that ensures no details are missed when completing any of our projects.

We have always worked to develop advanced techniques, strategies and innovative methods. We have 20 years of experience of many types of construction.

We use modern scheduling technology that details your entire project and ensures it is completed on-time and on-budget. It’s a priority for us.

Our company has gained Government’s trust in our country and an impeccable reputation with companies like Denys Construction, SPIECAPAG.

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From our first meeting through the completion of our project, I have been impressed by the talent provided by George And Jerry Co.Ltd and the quality of their workmanship.
Jean Romeo JIPAP
Project Manager, CAMTEL
Since we began working with George And Jerry Co. Ltd in 2004, our relationship has been bluilt on trust. We count on their Honesty,Integrity and Expertise.
Sandrine NGOUNE
Responsable RH, RAZEL
For all the wonderful work you and your crew are doing, our team has nothing but good things to say - We are really fortunate to have found you for this project.
HSE Manager

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